The Monday Morning Mindset – Our Biggest Enemy

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We have all done it.  I’ve done, you’ve done it, all of our friends and family do it.  Somehow through the years it was decided that Monday is the PERFECT day to start a new diet, a new exercise, or a new habit.  We have proclaimed that Monday is a day full of magic. Monday will be the day, every single week, we pull our life together. But I think we all can agree that it seldom is anything but magical. I believe this Monday morning mentality is one of the biggest reasons people fail to succeed to reach their weight loss goals, or any goals for that matter, year after year.

For YEARS I had this idea embedded in my brain that I would “Start Monday”.  Years ago, I worked with a good friend of mine and it was a running joke of ours, for about TEN years actually, that we would start our diet Monday.  And sometimes we did, but then we would get to about Thursday, screw up and of course have to wait until Monday again to restart, because that was the MAGICAL day. This viscous cycle of starting and stopping over and over again got us nowhere. It wasn’t until I finally changed this Monday morning mindset that I started to finally see results.

The biggest problem with waiting until Monday to get your life together is the fact that we have SIX other days in the week we are not utilizing. That’s 144 hours that you could be using to get closer to your goals, but yet we waste them waiting for a Monday morning. Not to mention the damage we do to ourselves while we wait.  Imagine the calories we would save, or how far ahead we would be, if we started NOW instead of waiting for Monday.

We have ALL done it.  We are going to start this new exciting program on Monday.  We are going to cut all the carbs, count all the Macros, stop eating sugar, drink all our water, and workout every single day.  So, to prepare for this life change, we need to eat ALL the things we can on Saturday and Sunday.  I mean ALL the things. We are putting brownies on top of ice cream, ordering gigantic burritos, drinking the biggest margaritas, and having an entire pizza as a side dish.  We are eating things we wouldn’t normally even touch. But, we are starting this program on MONDAY, so we have to eat like we will never eat again over the weekend.  The problem is you eat all of that, Monday rolls around, and USUALLY we don’t end up as strong as we thought we would be.  Now we are sitting with all these extra calories, a mediocre attempt at a plan, and five pounds heavier because of our weekend binge. But, it’s ok, because we can start Monday.  See the vicious cycle?

Consistency is the key to reaching ANY goal you want to achieve.  You HAVE to consistently chip away at it little by little, every single day, to see results.  When we take this Monday morning mentality out of the picture and realize that we can have our “start” at ANY point in the week, that gives us consistency.  How often have you gone out to lunch and splurged a little too much therefore giving yourself permission to eat badly the rest of the day?  After all, in your mind, the day is already a failure.  I think it’s safe to say we are ALL guilty of this mindset.  I know I am. Now imagine that after all of those lunches, you went right back to following a healthy lifestyle, and not waiting for the next day, or Monday, to get back on track. How much better off would you be right now?

I read something once that said if you have a car and it gets a flat tire do you slash the other three tires too, or do you fix that one flat tire?  We fix the flat, right? It is crazy to think about slashing the other three tires. We would never do that!  Unfortunately, that is what we do to ourselves all of the time.  We have a bad lunch, one too many cookies, or a few too many glasses of wine with dinner, and instead of fixing that “flat” by eating healthier the rest of the day, we just slash our other three tires and binge all everything chocolate and cheese.

You need to train yourself that “Monday morning” can be ANY TIME.  It can be Thursday at Noon, Friday at 5 pm, or even a Saturday morning.  It can be ANY TIME you need it to be.  The key is for you to realize that there will NEVER be a perfect time to start.  There will always be a lunch date with a friend, a birthday, an anniversary, a company picnic.  Things like Thanksgiving and Christmas, those come EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  The key is learning to navigate through these times, and even if you slip up, you just get right back on track, INSTANTLY.  STOP waiting until Monday, don’t even wait until the next day.  Fix your flat NOW.

Like most things in life, weight loss and exercise are a mental game.  Contrary to what you might believe, they are NOT a physical challenge.  You HAVE to get your mental game strong, or you will never succeed.  Stop giving into the idea that you have be 100% perfect all of the time. Stop letting THAT be your excuse.  There is seldom a day that goes by that I am at 100%.  But what I am is consistent.  And consistency is the key to success.  Stop sabotaging yourself by giving into the excuse to eat all the things you can while you are waiting for Monday morning. Treat every moment like a Monday morning.  Every new second of your day is a fresh start. Want results? Start now, and NEVER wait for a Monday again. – Michelle Rhoads

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